Saturday 19th October

More Information TBC.

Taking Part in 2024

Participation is in teams of 3 students, around one computer, work on approximately 12 problems during 5 hours with no internet. Participation will follow the NWERC regional rules.

Expected Schedule on the Day

Time (BST) Description
10:00 AM Recommended Arrival time Get setup, settled, logged in etc
10:30 AM Introduction on Youtube
11:00 AM Contest starts
15:00 PM Scoreboard freezes You can see who has submitted, but not whether they were successful.
16:00 PM Contest ends
~16:10 PM Solutions and Results

Programming Languages

The following details will be used for the 2024 event (to be updated)

  • Python 3.8 (PyPy 7.3.9)
  • Java 17 (OpenJDK
  • C++20 (g++ 11.4.0)
  • C17 (gcc 11.4.0)

Contest Locations

Participating Universities