Saturday 12th December (and different to the usual)

COVID-19 Update: We spent a long time discussing options for confidently running the UKIEPC given all the unknown in terms of restrictions. We somewhat estimated that late October might be right in the second peak of COVID-19. The regional contest (NWERC) first announced plans to move into the new year. Along with our sibling subregional contests, we have decided to move into December.

Further, we concluded that we cannot guarantee, across all participating universities, that sites can host teams of 3 that can meaningfully collaborate at a safe distance around a single machine. To create an openly accessible, and safe contest, we have moved to an individual (rather than team-based) contest, where people can participate from any location (depending on what is safe at the time). Sites may optionally host an event socially in their lab, where people still participate individually. But all people should register and participate as individuals, and can take part from home too.

More rules TBC.

Taking Part

To take part in the UKIEPC 2020, you need to register as an individual. Technically, through the system you have to register at one of the available locations, but you are unlikely to be required to travel there. If your university is not there, feel free to register, initially, at a random one.

The contest will still involve solving around 12 problems. All in an exciting and tense 5 hours. Students can submit solutions to these problems in Java, C, C++, and Python.

More information, sites, etc. coming soon.

Note: our FAQs contain general more information about eligibility, registration, and taking part on the day. But convey information that is inaccurate (like teams of 3 etc).

Programming Languages

  • Java
  • C
  • C++
  • Python

Contest Locations

Participating Universities

Note: although you can register at these sites, they are unlikely to host a physical event. Anyone where their university is not listed, may register to participate online without being affiliated with a particular host university.